20 February
My Name is

I'm 20
I'm not punk, emo, hardcore, goth, preppy...
I'm everything and nothing.
I don't try to be anything but me
whether that's tatted and pierced
or straight edge and preppy.

I hate this b.s.......
*grumble grumble grumble*

My Dad's Band (He's the lead vocalist) ♥

My Son, Jameson-Taylor.

My Project/Bike

80's cartoons, acdc, acid bath, adult swim, aerosmith, alice cooper, and oceans, anime, arch enemy, art, bad finger, band t's, being held, belly dancers, black sabbath, blood, branding, bubble lamps, candy corn, cartoons, ccr, certain drugs, charlie daniels band, cigarettes, classic rock, cold rainy days, colors, comedy central, computers, cracker jacks, crossfade, cutting, damnation, death, doobie brothers, edward norton, eyeliner, eyes, from autumn to ashes, g&r, garage bands, garnier fructis, green day, grindcore, guns, gwen stephani, hair products, hard rock, hardcore, hatebreed, heart throb mob, hello kitty, hoobastank, house music, html, iced earth, iggy pop, indie, industrial, invader zim, iron maiden, jack off jill, joe walsh, josh todd, jthm, keyboards, killswitch engage, kiss, kissing/making out, kmfdm, la guns, lacuna coil, lenore, live, long hair, lords of acid, lovers, lucky you perfume, makeup, manga, manson, mercury tide, msi, muse, mushroom head, my ruin, nevermore, new wave, nine inch nails, nirvana, north carolina, operation ivy, otep, ozzy, peppermint creeps, piercings, pinback, pink floyd, pink panther, placebo, poetry, poison, prank phone calls, primal fear, prince, punk, queen, rainbow brite, rob zombie, scary clowns, seether, self gratification, short skirts, sifl and olly, silverchair, skinny puppy, skynyrd, smile empty soul, smiles, southern rock, spineshank, static x, strawberry shortcake, sublime, switchblade symphony, tattoos, tears, technology, that dancing banana, the beatles, the eagles, the gathering, the misfits, the mountains, the ramones, the who, therion, tight pants, tmnt, tool, trance, trust, velvet revolver, video games, w.a.s.p, war, warm comfy blankets, weapons